Negative thinking hinders. Positive thinking empowers. CAN last - YOU Choose!

When celebrities, sponsors AND vendors want a positive nonprofit to support they reach out to Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide (APTW). 

Positive thinking sponsors donate to help bring even more positive and wonderful awareness to the challenges of depression. We appreciate you!

APTW's amazing and extraordinary paradigm focuses on helping wo(men), teens, students and nonprofits by

creating positive thinking awareness about how to improve mental wellness through positive thinking strategies. 
EY2EY = "Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"

Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide (APTW)

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Depression it is a serious emotion, however,  APTW wants to add a positive and entertaining ingredient to help improve mental wellness.

Just as you want to have MONIES in your savings account for unexpected debts, you want to have POSITIVE THINKING inside of you to handle unexpected challenges.

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Celebrity Chef Matt Seevers, Winner!!

Celebrity Judges: Jim Kay, Director; Comics Mike Betancourt & Kristen Frisk Christensen; NBA Super Star Bill Cartwright


Celebrity Chef Richard K. Pannell

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Invited positive thinking guests!!!

Photographer Jessie Rose & Celebrity Chef Santana Diaz

          Worthy of Love, Confidence, I Can Do It
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Photographer Jessie Rose, Celebrity Chef Santana Diaz

Celebrity Chef Anika Jordan-Lomack

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