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Sam's Club - Gift Cards

Thank you so very much Mr. Rex Watson!

Your wonderful and positive support as well as the wonderful and positive support from the Walmart Foundation is VERY greatly appreciated!
Your positive donation of 40lbs of meat helped make our free Celebrity Chef Cook Off 2017 a positive success!
Thank you to Kirsten she is amazing too!!


Positive Thinkers supporting other Positive Thinkers. 

APTW works tirelessly to improve mental wellness through positive thinking. 
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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Yvette Kelley, Executive Director 
Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide (APTW)

Walmart - Foundation - Gift Cards

Thank you so very much Mr. Clinton Schleef!

Your wonderful & positive support as well as the wonderful and positive support from the Walmart Foundation is VERY greatly appreciated!  Paige you are much appreciated too!

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APTW works tirelessly to improve mental wellness through positive thinking. 

Yvette Kelley
Executive Director

Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide 501(c)3

Your 3 Free Samples 

3 Free Samples - Free Shipping/Handling

Do you want FREE inspirational business cards for yourself? Simply include your mailing address and receive your 3 FREE samples! NO SHIPPING OR HANDLING FEES. Order your FREE samples at info@achievingpositivethinkingworldwide.orgREMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS. HOW MANY YOU WANT. Please indicate if you want the (Christian/Spiritual) or the (Inspirational)
Please allow 2-3 business days to be mailed. 

Are you having a positive charitable event and want to have FREE items to include in your gift bags? Email your request to REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS. HOW MANY YOU WANT AND THE DATE OF YOUR POSITIVE EVENT. Please indicate if you want the (Christian/Spiritual) or the (Inspirational) Free samples.

Blessings and positive thinking successes!
Thank you for your requests!

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Yvette's Blog

Your body is PROTECTING and EMPOWERING your positive thinking mind...(this statement is a lot more philosophical then we think). For example, have you ever had a cold, but your mind was saying you are fine and you go to work anyway? 

Take care of your temple (your body) protect and empower your mind with positive and winning thoughts! 

Again, this is a lot more philosophical. Repeat after me, "I am protecting my temple by empowering my positive thinking mind with winning thoughts!"
Written by Yvette Kelley

Yvette's Blog

Do you know how to strengthen your faith in YOU through positive thinking? By knowing and TRUSTING who you are, in the positive.

Know thyself. Know thyself. Know thyself. 

Practice staying connected to God/Spirit/Universe through PRAYER, MEDITATION, even exercising and cooking can be positive ways to connect to Source because these are things you enjoy doing. 

You are being more receptive and trusting that HE only wants to bless you abundantly! Are you in your own way?

Are you trusting your PRAYERS through positive thinking? Remember HE/Universe/Spirit is always with us and successfully helping us overcome any challenge - Always choose to live bravely and faithfully. It works when you do! 

Written by Yvette Kelley

Yvette's Blog

"Special relationship" this is e.g.o.distracting you from having positive and empowering relationships. 

Special relationship (e.g.o.) feeds on sadness and loneliness. This separates you from the light (positive thinking). The idea is to sacrifice positive thinking so that e.g.o.can live, thrive and ruin your positive SELF-WORTH, your positive SELF-IMAGE and your positive SELF-RESPECT. 

Is this how "special relationships" are brought into being through the death of your positive self-respect. Know thyself. 

Repeat after me, "I am worthy of unconditional love!"

You are L.A.C.E.! (Learning, Accepting, Changing & Excelling) 
"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU is EASY for YOU to do!"
Blessings and positive thinking successes to you and yours. 
Written by Yvette Kelley


Yvette's Blog

WHISPER, listen and learn and hear all the many ways HE will bless and protect you, when you enable positive thinking. 
Speaking or silently WHISPERING your empowering words is OK too. 

We understand our wonderful subconscious mind does not understand jokes. Your wonderful subconscious mind gives you exactly what you want think and speak and believe. 


You are able to successfully create the positive world you choose. I must respectfully ask you - If you know of others who affirm in the negative. Do you believe their life looks good only on the surface?

Negative thinking does not last. This is fleeting, ephemeral. Negative thinking is like dross. (fools gold). You know this, right?

Positive thinking, when done right, will be the most enjoyable journey you wished you had started sooner. 
Blessings and positive whispering successes....shh "Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!" 
written by Yvette Kelley 

Yvette's Blog

As positive thinking females we know the "ART" of saying "NO" can be a challenge, right? 
For example, saying no to your wonderful SPOUSE who wants YOU to pick up his cleaning. To your beautiful CHILDREN who want to stay up a little later, on a school night. To your wonderful EMPLOYEES who want to take time off, during the busy season.

YOU MUST LEARN TO SAY NO, with a positive, strong and even a quite voice. Stand your positive thinking ground. 
This is for YOU! We can not do it all and to say no is the power YOU EXUDE as a Positive Thinker with CONFIDENCE.

Easy does it, baby steps required, OK? 
written by Yvette Kelley

Yvette's Blog

Be Blessed!
Be Awesome/Authentic!
Be Positive!

Positive Thinkers, remember seeing a baby start to walk? They keep getting back up. A baby has no fear - Quickly forgiving and easily offering unconditional love. 

You DO NOT allow fear to walk beside you. As a positive thinker you have been blessed with the positive gift to choose. 

Positive thinking is the gift you give to you! Only your mind will decide if the gift given is positive or negative. 

"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU is what I LOVE to do!"

Written by Yvette Kelley

Volunteer Flyer - Volunteers

Betty Walker
Darla Aranda
Jennifer Weyhrauch
Alysa Cruz
Teresa Salinas
Rebecca Haven
Karen Cornell
Lily Ng
Mary Hall
Danille Parker
Emily Younger
Tiffany Chueng
Tishara Harris
Laurieanne Balbait 
Dawn Treharne
Shelley Hooper
Jessica Hoffman
Christy Kavanaugh
Jenna Throne
Carmen Duncan
Linda Masson
Lynnette Taylor
Janell Washington
Jeremey McClain
Roger Warrick
CSUS - California, Sacramento University, Sacramento
Thank you!

Yvette Kelley
Executive Director 

Yvette's Blog

You can easily and immediately achieve positive thoughts, right?

ALL good stuff will come along, because you are making a positive habit of empowering your wonderful mind with positive thoughts, words and images. 

You are a POSITIVE THINKER, because YOU are reading this. 

Repeat after me, "I am worthy! I am worthwhile! I am priceless!"


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