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Make a positive donation today and help improve mental wellness.

  "Empowering YOU to Empower YOU is EASY for YOU to do!"


At the heart of Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide are positive and amazing volunteers whose commitment and passion changes the lives of thousands of people each year. Our volunteers are dynamic role models dedicated to empowering people, especially females, to become positive thinking and confident people. Whether you have just a couple of hours a year, a season or a month to help our positive thinking cause, we would love to hear from you. Thank you in advance. 


Our projects bring more positive awareness and recognition to the community by having Celebrity Chef Cook Offs, Charity Fashions Shows, and yes, even positive FUNdraisers. Love for you to join us! APTW strives to help everyone, especially females, achieve their positive thinking goals. 



We love our positive sponsors!
Through their positive and wonderful donations these amazing and extraordinary sponsors have helped us achieve the goals that will help further our mission and bring more fun and entertaining events to your community. Our sponsors make a difference for people, especially females worldwide!

Our positive thinking charitable organization's mission/purpose it is to advance the education of the public in general (and particularly women, young girls/teens, students, non-profits and people worldwide), by helping people find positive and unique ways to improve the quality of their lives through positive self-assurance and positive self-image through charity fashion shows, celebrity chef cook offs, seminars, community outreach events, conferences, workshops, advice, gift cards, clothing for work and/or for school.

Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide it is a remarkable organization that mobilizes, trains, and empowers people worldwide by educating and teaching proven strategies and techniques for achieving positive thinking. We identify problems in the community and by having workshops and conferences we help people take positive thinking action to solve them, as well as helping people, especially females, to implement and to realize their inherent power, as positive thinkers, who own their thoughts.


Our positive thinking goal is to reach people BEFORE they get into the CRISIS and/or VICTIM mind-set. Before negative thinking/thinkers create a disempowering belief, resulting in dropping out of school, using drugs and believing welfare is the best way to earn a living. Positive Thinkers find positive thinking role models and positive thinking solutions, right?


Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide is building a vital new paradigm of community leaderships in which people can embrace and empower their lives as positive thinkers worldwide.


Positive thinking is as effortless as the A.I.R. we breathe; it only becomes difficult when we allow negative thinkers/thinking to start breathing for us. Baby steps required. (Activate, Ignite & Recharge)


Positive Thinkers r.o.c.k.! (Receiving Opportunities by Creating Kindness)



5170 Golden Foothill Pkwy, 

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Tel: 866-270-4134

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Make a positive donation today and help improve mental wellness.


We are achieving a positive HOPE for tomorrow and a brighter FUTURE for our positive thinking world

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