Meet Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide Ambassador Alexis Watkinson

Meet our teen Ambassador for Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide, Alexis Watkinson!

Alexis is a rising senior at The Potomac School in McLean, Virginia and is a local title holder in Miss VA Outstanding Teen’s pageant system. Alexis has been promoting her platform, the Power of Positive Thinking, for 3 years now, and part of Alexis’s work involves putting on workshops that empower young ladies with practical knowledge about positive thinking. In Alexis’ workshops, she explains the benefits of having an optimistic mindset, talks through the various emotions that we all have, leveraging on Disney/Pixar’s movie, “Inside Out” and then explains how it is possible to ‘retrain our brains’ to achieve an optimistic mindset each day. She explains that this will require a conscious effort, similar to a daily workout routine, and some level of repetition, but it really works! Alexis talks about some of her techniques and sometimes she hands out paper, pens, and jars, to help the girls start their own Happy Thoughts Collector jars that they can take home and use each day. Alexis also explains why volunteering and giving back to our communities is an important part of maintaining an optimistic mindset, because gratitude is associated with optimism. Volunteering and serving others is also a great way to fight off the blues, because helping others feels good! WE THINK POSITIVE

You can follow Alexis on Facebook (AlexisWatkinson), Instagram (alexisthinkspositive), Twitter (aalexispositive).

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Learning about the brain in my Psychology course. (not a human brain here). I love Science -- and now I know that Annika Suh likes STEM and STEAM too!!! So thankful for the opportunity to spend time here at BC this Summer!

Miss State Fair of Virginia's Outstanding Teen 2018