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Charity Events 

Step up and walk the CALIFORNIA runway at July's "New York STYLE Fashion Week" with positive celebrities, amazing volunteers and extraordinary leaders in the community! Come support our wonderful charity event. We care about helping improving mental wellness while having fun!! APTW focuses on improving the lives of people, especially females, students and the youth where we all can see the positive difference we make. Join us!

Want to volunteer? 

Charity Events
Toolbox Luncheon

Excellent, free lunches are provided for all attendees, made possible by a positive team of men and women who underwrite the events sponsored by restaurants and local nonprofits who are a 501(c)(3) corporation. Presently these lunches are hosted at three locations: Sacramento, El Dorado Hills and Elk Grove. Hope you will find time to join us. More details to follow. 

 Charity FUNdraiser 
APTW FUNdraising Events

Are you interested in starting a positive FUNdraiser? Each year thousands of schools, sports teams, churches, youth groups, and more start a fundraiser. Join the thousands of schools, churches, sports teams and other non-profit groups that raise millions of dollars each year selling delicious products that everyone loves. THANK YOU for you positive thinking support!
1.  Little Ceasear Pizza Kit -

2.  Candy - Kay Beich Kaydids Chocolate Pecan Candy -

3.  Bracelets and so much more!

4.  APTW -Butter Braids Fundraiser - to place your order contact

Bullying for EDUCATORS and STUDENTS and

Workshop Flyer

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