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Gifts with Positive Financial Benefits To You

Your positive thinking gifts empowers people to become self-reliant, confidant and able to successfully achieve their goals. 

This is just one of the ways you can help improve mental wellness, by simply signing your name, you can help families have a positive mind-set where challenges, setbacks and missteps do not keep loved ones depressed, sad and unhappy. You know that challenges happen, you also know that successes do too. When you include Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide in your estate plans, you provide resources that are essential to achieving the vision of your commmunity, even worldwide where everyone has an understanding of positive thinking. 

We hope that by empowering the people you love to achieve a greater positive thinking mind-set you build an extension of yourself and your positive thinking legacy through your philanthropic priorities. 

Gifts that may reduce your taxes. Some legacy gifts made to Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide can have a substantial tax savings. 

Retirement plan gifts can reduce or even eliminate tax liabilities on your retirement plans by naming Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide as direct beneficiary. The entire amount of your IRA 401(k) or other retirement accounts may be taxed if you leave them to your heirs. Instead, consider giving them less tax-burdened assets like real estate and stock, and use retirement assets to create your legacy gift with APTW.

Life insurance policy that has out lasted its original purpose, you can use it to reduce your taxes and create a legacy gift for Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide.

Gifts of real estate may be the greatest gift you can make by leaving your home or farm to Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide. This kind of gift is ideal for people who intend to continue living in their home or property through their lifetime, but still want to make a charitable gift. 

Gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have appreciated in value are among the best ways to ensure that APTW can help achieve mental wellness. 

Savings bonds when you redeem savings bonds you or the person to whom you leave your bonds will owe income tax on the appreciation. You can eliminate the income tax on bonds you own that have stopped earning interest and that you plan to redeem. Since APTW is tax exempt 100 percent of your gift of savings bonds will support our mission to improve mental wellness through positive thinking while building strong and vital communities. 

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