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Meet Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide Ambassador  Samantha Barney

Meet our Ambassador for Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide Samantha Barney

A Utah native and adventurer- at-heart, is currently a local titleholder in Herriman, Utah with the Miss Utah Scholarship and Miss America Organizations. Samantha has been serving and promoting her initiative, Positive Minds: Change Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life, since November of 2019; however her journey with positive thinking began at a much earlier age. Throughout middle school and high school, Samantha struggled with anxiety and depression. After high school, she began seeing a therapist and overcame these challenges through recognizing her negative thought patterns and changing them for positive patterns. Over the next few years, positive thinking became her foundation for a happy life, leading her to fulfill her dream of serving a religious mission for her church in California, moving to China and working as an English tutor, and eventually running for Miss Herriman! Samantha’s goal as Miss Herriman and as an ambassador for Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide is to help teenagers overcome the difficulties of daily life and alleviate anxiety and depression through teaching positive thinking strategies and habits that lead to the development of a constant positive mindset. Samantha reaches her audience through school presentations both online and in person as well as through her YouTube Channel. You can follow Samantha on Instagram (@missherriman.ut and @sam_barney7) and on Facebook (SamanthaBarney).

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